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Continuity planning project

Internal Memorandum
To: All Department Heads
From: Operational Manager
Re: Preparation for the first meeting of the company continuity planning team.

The company operations should be protected and prevented from any action that may render the failures to the meeting of the daily activities. It requires the management to speed up the process of implementing the company continuity plan that will provide the guidance to the securing of the company entities. The continuity plan is essential to our company since it is a key element that provides support to good governance as a demand from most regulators and stakeholders within the company. The plan extends to meeting and ensuring compliance with the international standards from which a company should operate within. Company continuity guarantees some protection to the company data and some relative identities of the company. Therefore, the company requires a proper business continuity plan to avoid the breaching of the data protection legislation defined within the company (Burtles, 2007).

We take to inform that the company is scheduled to undertake an exercise of appointing representatives from each department to the business continuity planning team. The appointment of the representatives will take into consideration the following effects; the departments should present an individual of following desirables (Fulmer, 2008);

The eligible candidates should have a good understanding of the company core process and the overall company management
The candidate should possess some good leadership’s skills as well as deployment of the teamwork; we also request to you consider the quality of both verbal and written communication of the candidates
The candidate must prove the experience and possession of in Information Technology and information security skills
The presented individual must express some strong project management capabilities and be a well-respected person within the company
The heads of department should identify some individuals within their departments and forward the names for discussion during the meeting. May we have a thought on some other relevant and desirable qualities for our team because the task ahead of the team is critical and require very sensitive and promising personnel for the duties exercised in the company continuity plan.

During the meeting, the attendants will examine, propose and identify the roles to be played by the continuity planning team. However, the roles should capture and address the test facilitators prior implementing the plan, the suggested participants, the business stakeholders, management, recorders and other defined roles. Before the meeting, it is the urge of the management through the operational department to have the departments’ heads brainstorm on other roles apart from the following roles (Goh, 2006);

The test facilitators will be expected to be responsible for ensuring the sessions is in order, and the, actions are taken smoothly, introduce some creativity of roadblocks and worst case scenarios while undertaking the test. They should make sure that all issues to be addressed are recorded as they keep the schedule of the session and ensure that the follow-up activities and time frames are well discussed and prepared.
The recovery team goes by representing the persons that undertake some roles that are relevant to the selected scenario. They will be expected to have the following in condition, reviewing of the business continuity plan before the undertaking of the test and in normal happen of an event, disaster. Brainstorm and discuss to identify the appropriate best actions to be undertaken during the undertaking of the test or the recovery process within the company.
Company employees’ Skills Inventory

May this come to the attention that the Human Resource department will have to conduct some skill inventory so as to have the identification of the most possible reliable and skilled personnel whom we can have them involved in the business continuity planning team. It is important to note that the exercise shall come before the hold of the meeting in preparation to the identifying of the company continuity planning team. The exercise goes by to have the identification of the potential candidates with the desirable skills, have the company determine what kind of training should be conducted to impact the missing skills within the employees and many other relevant benefits of conducting skills inventory within the company (Anonymous, 2002).

The first meeting agenda
The department heads should be informed that the agenda for the first meeting is under development and shall receive the agenda documents some two weeks before the hold of the meeting. It is our prayer and request that we take to consider the information in the agenda paper and hold to respect the information contained.

The company wishes to thank for the good work you are doing for the best of results it is holding. It is the prayer that we keep up with the same tone and remain focused to the meeting of the company goals. Thank you for your time as you plan to respond to the outlined activities in the documents.

First meeting of the company continuity planning team agenda
First Meeting of the Company continuity planning team
9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

The meeting was called by Company Operational Manager

Attendees: All Department heads
Please bring:



9.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m. Introduction

Breakfast and socializing Board room


10.00 a.m. – Noon Presentation of the department representative’s names for vetting Board room


Noon – 1.00 p.m. Lunch Board room


1.00 p. m. – 4.00 p.m. Develop the business continuity planning team roles and responsibilities Board room


4.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m. Tea break and adjourning the meeting Board room


Please let us keep time and be organized during the meeting.
Thank you all.
Continuity planning team budget draft
The budget will take duration of 12 months in the capture of the continuity planning team meetings, the required materials, training expenses, testing cost and the set-aside figure for the case of the disaster.

Budget Draft

Item cost ($000)

Team meeting 1200

Remunerations 1500

Team materials 3500

Trainings 2000

Plan testing cost 1500

Disaster cost 10000

Miscellaneous 1000

The budget estimation goes by ensuring that anticipated event is allocated some higher amount as it will entail a lot. At the same time, the continuity planning team must be given some incentives to give them the heart and an assurance that the company appreciates their efforts. The training is critical as the team must get the high skills of handling the scenarios and it goes by providing them the most sophisticated facilities to fasten and easy their work of securing the company data. The budget is under adjustments depending on the relevant factors and suggestions from the management.

Impact of Internet Marketing on Global Business

The coding process
Coding process refers to the systematic translation of data to given variable name to make it easy for the computer processing (Brace, 2004). The process involves assigning numbers to act as labels for the particular variables. The data variables should be purely nominal. Nominal means that the data and information represented should not have any numerical relationship, for example, you cannot code the mathematical computation representing values like mean, standard deviation or sum of given data like marital status. The coding process has implemented a code for sex as MALE = M and FEMALE = F represents the two genders

During my data collection analysis, I implemented the application of two variables signs. The firsts optional sign is where the Respondent uses the cross sign (X) to check the appropriate responses. The second form of collecting data involves the respondents filling a text or numeric responses. The method of data and information collection apply to both the questionnaire and the interview questions. The interviewer shall indicate the cross sign or the specific numerical values appropriately based on the responses given by the interviewee. The simple survey in the index indicates that the first items apply the cross (X) while the second part applies the filling in of the blank. (Refer to the appendix page)

The Use of Brackets in the questionnaire and the interview questions the brackets had an implementation in the provision of the specific location to append responses.

The use of the item numbering in the questionnaire and the interview questions indicates the systematic flow of questions to the respondents. However, the case does not apply to the code book. The system of numbering in the codebook may not reflect similar numbering as in the questionnaire and the interview questions. The reason is that the survey items may contain multiple responses and multiple variables in the codebook. For example from the survey, the question labeled as the number five contain multiple responses (refer to the appendix page). The codebook contains three variables originating from the same question. Hence, the numbering format of the survey has different from the numbering format represented by the codebook.

The codebook design
The variables used may take the form of alpha or numeric. In case, multiple brackets or boxes have required the brackets or boxers may take the horizontal arrangement as indicated in the items 6 and 4 (refer to the appendix page). Similarly, the arrangement of multiple brackets or boxes may be placed vertically like in the case of item 2 and 5 (refer to the appendix page). When more than one column of brackets or boxes has specifications like the case in item number 3, the arrangement must take the horizontal positioning. The first bracket is in the first row linked to the value label 1 and the second bracket in the first row has linkage to the value labeled 2 (refer to the appendix page). The second row, the first bracket has linkage to the third label three while the second bracket in the second row has linkage to the value labeled 4 (refer to the appendix page)

The Pilot Testing and the Missing Data
It was a requirement to perform the pilot testing to collect elaborate and accurate data and information, however due to the tome constraints and the lack of enough funds the pilot testing had no conduction in this particular survey.

The data regarding the brand preferred by the respondent was missing in most of the responses. I implemented the missing data by adding a variable to the possible brand to take into consideration the missing data of the responded surveys (Kim, et al… 2010). The missing data and information were missing due to the ubiquity of the answers obtained from the survey. The blank spaces on the particular item and the data that could not bring clear understanding had treatment as the missing data. Similarly the respondents who typed the wrong brands their data had treatment as missing data. The missing data and information had entry into the computer as undecided using the following code.

V3. What is your favorite brand? (N1)

Brand W
Brand X
Brand Y
Brand Z
Variable Measurement between Group Differences
The survey did not include the variable measurement and testing. There were no chemical evaluation and laboratory tests performed on the variables. The control observations and testing’s had no involvement in the data and collection information survey.