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The coding process
Coding process refers to the systematic translation of data to given variable name to make it easy for the computer processing (Brace, 2004). The process involves assigning numbers to act as labels for the particular variables. The data variables should be purely nominal. Nominal means that the data and information represented should not have any numerical relationship, for example, you cannot code the mathematical computation representing values like mean, standard deviation or sum of given data like marital status. The coding process has implemented a code for sex as MALE = M and FEMALE = F represents the two genders

During my data collection analysis, I implemented the application of two variables signs. The firsts optional sign is where the Respondent uses the cross sign (X) to check the appropriate responses. The second form of collecting data involves the respondents filling a text or numeric responses. The method of data and information collection apply to both the questionnaire and the interview questions. The interviewer shall indicate the cross sign or the specific numerical values appropriately based on the responses given by the interviewee. The simple survey in the index indicates that the first items apply the cross (X) while the second part applies the filling in of the blank. (Refer to the appendix page)

The Use of Brackets in the questionnaire and the interview questions the brackets had an implementation in the provision of the specific location to append responses.

The use of the item numbering in the questionnaire and the interview questions indicates the systematic flow of questions to the respondents. However, the case does not apply to the code book. The system of numbering in the codebook may not reflect similar numbering as in the questionnaire and the interview questions. The reason is that the survey items may contain multiple responses and multiple variables in the codebook. For example from the survey, the question labeled as the number five contain multiple responses (refer to the appendix page). The codebook contains three variables originating from the same question. Hence, the numbering format of the survey has different from the numbering format represented by the codebook.

The codebook design
The variables used may take the form of alpha or numeric. In case, multiple brackets or boxes have required the brackets or boxers may take the horizontal arrangement as indicated in the items 6 and 4 (refer to the appendix page). Similarly, the arrangement of multiple brackets or boxes may be placed vertically like in the case of item 2 and 5 (refer to the appendix page). When more than one column of brackets or boxes has specifications like the case in item number 3, the arrangement must take the horizontal positioning. The first bracket is in the first row linked to the value label 1 and the second bracket in the first row has linkage to the value labeled 2 (refer to the appendix page). The second row, the first bracket has linkage to the third label three while the second bracket in the second row has linkage to the value labeled 4 (refer to the appendix page)

The Pilot Testing and the Missing Data
It was a requirement to perform the pilot testing to collect elaborate and accurate data and information, however due to the tome constraints and the lack of enough funds the pilot testing had no conduction in this particular survey.

The data regarding the brand preferred by the respondent was missing in most of the responses. I implemented the missing data by adding a variable to the possible brand to take into consideration the missing data of the responded surveys (Kim, et al… 2010). The missing data and information were missing due to the ubiquity of the answers obtained from the survey. The blank spaces on the particular item and the data that could not bring clear understanding had treatment as the missing data. Similarly the respondents who typed the wrong brands their data had treatment as missing data. The missing data and information had entry into the computer as undecided using the following code.

V3. What is your favorite brand? (N1)

Brand W
Brand X
Brand Y
Brand Z
Variable Measurement between Group Differences
The survey did not include the variable measurement and testing. There were no chemical evaluation and laboratory tests performed on the variables. The control observations and testing’s had no involvement in the data and collection information survey.

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